special event cinematography

special event cinematography

Ashley and George

Thank you for joining us on our special day!

During the livestream: Watch along as we exchange our vows. Use the guestbook to the right of the screen to share your love and excitement.
To send wishes to the couple, or chat with other attendees, join us on discord: https://discord.gg/aJMsty7s7H

Sometimes if mobile internet is used, it can be unpredictable. If  you happen to experience any buffering during the livestream, the entire ceremony will be uploaded and ready for you to view immediately after the ceremony.

The ceremony is scheduled to begin on August 13th, 2021 at 6:00 p.m PST


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George (Groom :P) from Penticton wrote on August 20, 2022 at 9:44 pm
Thank you guys so much for watching, and participating, it was a lovely day. I'm so blessed by all of you, and my wife, and am looking forward to many awesome years to go 🙂 <3
Jessica from PA wrote on August 13, 2022 at 6:18 pm
I am so happy for you both!! I hope you have a wonderful day, and rest of your lives together. <3 Lots of love to you both.
Amanda and Kevin from Kelowna wrote on August 13, 2022 at 6:18 pm
Congratulations guys! We are so honoured that you picked us to film your wedding. We wish you both so much happiness in your lifetime together.
Monique & Russell Bilodeau-Nestmann from Beaumont wrote on August 13, 2022 at 5:55 pm
I’m so happy and excited for you both- Ashley & George! Wishing you all the very best life and marriage can offer. What a beautiful adventure you’re entering into. Wishing nothing but all that is true, good and beautiful to carry you through this beautiful journey. Enjoy your special day, but enjoy your marriage for lifetime ❤️ Hugs and love to you both!
Lotus from Vancouver wrote on August 13, 2022 at 2:53 pm
I am sooooo excited for you both!!! I cant wait to watch!!!
Katie Schwartz from Lawton, OK wrote on August 10, 2022 at 8:41 am
George and Ashley, I wish you the best in this new adventure and i hope you find eternal bliss! You're both such amazing people and you deserve the best! Love, Katie

Our Story

Bethany: When I met Tom, he seemed like another smooth talker trying to pick me up at the dog park. While I have to admit I found him super cute, it was his sweet and thoughtful side that really captured my heart. He’s outgoing and hilarious, caring and kind. I can’t wait to call this man my husband.


Tom: I was immediately awestruck when I first laid my eyes on her but knew I had to be creative to win her over. She was someone special; I could just tell. I love how independent and smart she is. And when she smiles, it lights up the room. I tell myself how lucky I am every day to know her and can’t wait to make her officially mine.


Engagement photos by: Audrey Mills Photography

Bridal Party Introductions – Bridesmaids (Berserk Healers)

Tara boyd

My Favorite Coffee Date

Tara and I have been friends for roughly 4 years now. We met in Penticton shortly after I moved here. I have always loved the effort she puts into spending time with me and developing our friendship. Our coffee nights have been such a huge part of my life for years now and I am so priviledged to be able to have her as a friend and sounding board.


Deanna Cederholm

The Best Night Out

Deanna has always been the friend I can call when I need to get out of my head and relax. Her loud, fun loving energy can always make me laugh and enjoy myself, especially when I need to vent and blow off some steam after a long week. She brings just the right amount of craziness to my life, while also being a supportive friend who doesn’t shy away from deep conversations no matter the topic.

manbeer aujila

The Travel Buddy

Manbeer and I met while working at PRT where our competitive sides pushed us right into a friendship. Throughout the years she has been one of my favourite travel buddies, including our Toronto trip, and our amazing trip to Europe right before the Pandemic! Manbeer and I have shared many travels, odd jokes, work stories and struggles, and fun times. I look forward to many more girls trips together in the future with my travel buddy and treasure all the memories we’ve already created.

Courtney segert

Life Long Friend

Courtney is my loving, determined, and inspiring youngest sister. Courtney has always been there with an encouraging word, for fun adventures, or just some sisterly bonding time. As siblings we have shared many of life’s ups and downs already and I am so blessed to have her standing with me today as I celebrate one of life’s special moments, and for all the special moments to come.

Bridal Party Introductions – Grooms party (Dual Wielders)


I’ve known Meo for about 14 years, Reg introduced us while we were playing something random that I can’t remember. Her kindness and craziness has kept me entertained and appreciating her company the entire time. 🙂 Usually very quiet, she is the loudest of my friends when she feels comfortable. With the possible exception of Cyd. The two of them are crazy together.
Meo is my most favoritest artist, and does all of my streaming art and various pixelart, models, etc that I use online.


We met while playing mass effect 3, about ten years ago, he was the only other competent player ;p Seki has been the most dependable of my friends, watches my back whenever he actually agrees to it. Always there to appreciate my double entendres, has a sharp wit and tongue that’s great to have around.
Sadly Seki is also one of my busiest friends, and I only see him in short bursts. He’s the only one that gets my old man jokes, and references to pop culture, as well as my sharp hidden triple entendres. He’s also willing to explain my jokes when no one else gets them, what would I ever do without him? <3


While I’ve known Katie for one of the shortest periods of time amongst my closest friends (Since early 2017, 5 yearsish for those who don’t want to do the math), we had such a natural chemistry we’ve grown incredibly close. For all of my rough times with relationships, she is my sounding board and best advisor. She’s the first friend to be introduced to Ashley, and interrogated her like a pro. I’m very sad that Katie couldn’t make it to the wedding, but she’s here in spirit (and online), and with great love. <3


Reg is my most stalwart gaming companion, and I’ve known him for the longest (around 22 years now?) we play almost everything together. Reg’s heart is always in the right place, and I love him like a brother. We’ve always had a natural bond of difference where we need very little communication to work together. I’ve always preferred staying at range in combat, and Reg likes to dance into melee/short range and dodge his way through. Our styles naturally compliment each other, and I’m very happy to number him amongst my closest friends. 🙂


I was playing battlefield 2 bad company with Reg, and this random medic was following me around. I remember commenting to Reg how I picked up an amazing medic that had decided I was the most useful to follow… And I haven’t gotten rid of him since. Amusingly, also an army medic vet, Soul is a very interesting mix of playful and responsible. He doesn’t take life too seriously, and gets along with everyone I’ve ever met. I’m very happy he offered to come visit for my wedding, as it would absolutely not be the same without him. We will determine how good or bad that is after the ceremony ;p


I’ve only known Cyd for a fairly short period of time, but have heard many stories of her hijinx from Meo. Cyd is Meo’s close(est?) friend, and has been dragged into my life as well. She’s a little wild and crazy, and shares my love for bad jokes, and not taking life too seriously. We’ve become fast friends, and I’m honored to have her here for my wedding. 🙂


Last but definitely not least is Syn, whom I met playing warframe about 5 years ago? Syn and I have remarkable coincidences in our life paths, and we have so much in common it could be scary… But it’s led to us forming an incredible bond. Anytime I want to hear it straight, Syn is my go to. She won’t sugar coat it, and neither will I. 🙂 She is the most badass woman I know, if anyone of her close friends got kidnapped, she’d be the first one in there armed with a machete making a very gory scene to get them back. Syn’s always been an incredible inspiration, and has pushed me heavily into streaming and online reading. Her unquestionable loyalty, stubborn love, and aggressive promotion are second to none. <3

We’re not sure how the borders will go, and a lot of my friends are American. For those who can’t make it, I know you’re with me in spirit and thought. <3

While these are the friends that have a hefty presence in my wedding, there are many more that I haven’t mentioned. I’m very fortunate for everyone who considers me special, and a part of their life, and I love you all. <3 😀

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